The owner of this helpful website respects the privacy of all regular members and visitors. On this, the process of collecting and using the details from these people is cautious. This site implements this kind of policy to help determine the necessary information or details to collect from all visiting people. If there is a need to share any personal information, it must respect the privacy of the person who owns them.

Obtained Data or Information

When obtaining data or information from all visiting people, these include names, addresses, emails, occupations, and genders. On the other hand, this website only obtains the necessary information from people who visit and can submit the data in voluntary. In case the owner needs to use or share any information, it follows a certain guideline and does not use them unlawfully.

Evaluating the Web Cookies

This website needs to evaluate the web cookies for strict compliance online. The owner respects the condition when determining cookies from the different the imposed cookie guidelines suchlike the European Union (EU) cookie policy. This process is necessary to assure the exact monitoring of all active users who are viewing the website. Likewise, this is important to determine the exact number of people who are visiting on a regular basis.

Data or Information Shared            

When it is necessary to share the data or information, this dependable website only share them to authorized partners or agencies with an agreed, but not offering fraudulent services. The owner can as well share information to third parties, but follows a certain agreement from the existing law online.

Changing the Privacy Policy            

As owner of this helpful lookup website, the owner has the right to alter/delete this implemented policy. It does not need the consent of other people and it follows personal decision.