After the passing of the Freedom to Information Act (1966), it made all the Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Death, Criminal and other sort of records available in the US public. Of course, this existing law is applicable to all states, but the uses of the available records are subject to the laws implemented by the states. Like in Texas, there are different available sources for the government and private agencies for divorce records in this particular state.

According to the shared information about Texas Divorce Records, the Texas Department of State Health Services is responsible in managing the system. Together with the different marriage, birth as well as death records, the available divorce records are through the existing Vital Statistics Unit, which they sectioned under the Report of Divorce Index, as detailed by the information.

For people who need copies of these records, they can downloaded them free by just visiting the official website of the department and made available for public. As expected, there are implemented procedures and conditions, which they apply before releasing any document.

Usually, the cost of a requested letter of verification for divorce is about $20.00. In case the request is granted or not in Texas, the information of the letter states the decision. For an approved request, it makes the names of both separated couple available, county where they issue the divorce and the serial number from courthouse.

In case the result is a failed search and cannot find the records, the requesting party is not allowed to refund or transfer the payment to a different search and it has an existing guideline for this matter. Based on the guideline, the result of a ‘no record found’ is permitted for single status verification to request for a marriage record and not for divorce.

It was only on 1968 when the States offices began filing the Reports of Divorce Indexes. Because of this, it is now possible to request for divorce records in Texas from the exact office of the District Clerk by visiting the county where they issued the divorce of the couple. The county’s District Clerk is also the authorized government firm to release major divorce document certified true copies for those who request divorce certificates as well as divorce decrees.

A lot of people who live in Texas are requesting for divorce records these days. This is regardless if they need to perform complete background checking before applying for a marriage license or verifying criminal reports. Definitely there are countless of reasons as well as purposes on why they submit a request. On the other hand, it is a bit difficult to verify a divorce records in case the involved person already resided in different states in the past because the databases of the states do not have connections.

On this matter, it is usually advisable to find and hire a dependable private record investigator to handle the needs of the requester. Likewise, the Internet can help find websites for private service providers with comprehensive databases and offering their expertise online. Remember that paid record providers in Texas are helpful and usually requiring small fees. The good thing is that they provide what their clients are expecting from choosing them.