For people who love different types of outdoor adventures, the beautiful State of Texas is among the most visited places in America. One reason on why many tourists are visiting here because it is a perfect spot for trekking, hiking, camping and other enjoyable outdoor activities.

If you want to take time and relax with your loved ones, you can definitely have a memorable vacation in Texas. This particular start is capable of providing abundant opportunities to worldwide tourists as soon as they reach the place.

One of the best experiences here is to visit the different state parks and camping sites to enjoy the great adventures. These types of attractions can surely meet the satisfaction of the entire family, especially those who love seeing natural views and green mountains. With the opportunity to trek or hike from the designated areas, it is possible to experience a sultry hiking excursion and unveil the beauty of Mother Nature while in Texas.

Here are some of the best tourist spots to enjoy:

  • Inks Lake State Park

The exact location of this park is within the Central Texas and its lake is connecting to the beautiful Colorado River. Because of the crystal clear blue water and shady oak forests, it makes the place a perfect destination for many weekend campers. These people can experience the best outdoor activities here such as hiking, trekking and backpacking for those who love to pass the trails. With the stunning view of the lake, it offers a remarkable place to those who love to swim, kayak, boat ride or water ski.

  • Abilene State Park

If ever you decide to travel in Abilene, do not miss the opportunity to visit and enjoy the Abilene State Park. The exact location of this par is within the northern area of Central Texas and boasts an almost 500 acres of land span. According to the history of this place, the Civilian Conservation Corps built in back in year 1930. To date, it continues to serve as one of the best campgrounds is the State of Texas for the past years. Like any other camp sites, people who visit and enjoy this place can do a variety of activities like fishing, boating, swimming, hiking, biking and picnicking, among others.


  • Garner State Park

The exact location of this park is in the South-Central Texas and near the favorite Frio River. If you originate from the northern area of the state and heading to Garner, you might think you are visiting a deserted place for an exciting camping ground. This place offers different stunning natural views and magical mountains from the wonderland. If you wish to stat at the park for overnight, there are available campsites and cabin rentals too. The Frio River will let you and your family members to enjoy swimming, boating and even rope swinging. Definitely, the Garner State Park is a great attraction when visiting Texas.


Remember that the State of Texas offers a huge and brawny experience because of its brimming natural resources. It does not matter if you want to trek the mountains, enjoy the sandy beaches, explore wild canyons or green forests, Texas or known as the “Lone Star State” is a remarkable place to visit.